Monday, November 9, 2009

GD - Walkin' The Walk/November 2009

Please take your time and read this. If you must leave and come so! What I have to say below WILL MATTER TO YOU, if it doesn't already! ~GD Wink 


BREAK SOME EGGS(patterns) TO MAKE AN OMELETTE(fulfillment)..

  It's great to say "hello again"! I hope to have the opportunity to greet you again and again, followed by new and evolving circumstances. Though at times it seems I'm "Crawling The Crawl" or "Lagging The...", I'm deeply involved in a very steady gait of creative output, letting you know about it and finally, making it available to you.

  I've never been in this place of declaring "DAMN THE TORPEDOES" before for fear that no one will listen, I'll go broke or I must keep my obligations to society. Pretty silly when I know that "The only thing I have to fear is fear itself" because living THIS WAY has gotten me nowhere. What is it they say about the definition of insanity? Having done the 'safe thing' before I can't afford to let my spirit wither away to frustration! (We do value spirit, don't we?)

No, This is not me! Is this you? Time to change the things I/we can....


Walking The Walk-

I am "Walking The Walk" toward some very lofty, attainable goals requiring the collective energy of those that WILL listen to music that is fully realized and meant to lift the masses that it WILL matter to. Number one at this time is to get under your skin and in to your hearts and conciousness because this is where my music belongs. When I begin releasing the tracks from my new album "Expose Your Self" it will be with great pride and anticipation, sandwiched by the most complex, gratifying, focused, frustrating, triumphant period of time I've ever spent on this planet. Our Earth. I've been flowing like a waterfall of cascading musical notes and lyrical passages and feel tapped in to "the source". For the first time in my adult life I write of love, of family, of connection because I believe these are the sources which energize and 'complete' our individual 'selves'. 


Time, Christmas, Ecetera..

I'm very conscious of time lately. This doesn't mean my punctuality has improved! It's more about the passage of time and my place in it. I just think that we're all spinning a little faster every day. I fear blinking because it might be Christmas when I open my eyes again...Happy Thanksgiving BTW!

  Actually, Christmas is 'so' right around the corner that I believe it prudent to suggest that you consider giving the gift of music to those you love and care about...It lasts forever, the listener is gifted with an ability to take life on with a rhythmic gusto inspired by the "soundtrack of our lives"! Of course I hope you will highly consider pre-ordering "Expose Your Self" so that I can begin the process of manufacturing CD's and other pertinent merchandise to share with you the full brunt of what I have been diligently producing over the last two years. 

  On the new homepage there is a safe, secure way of doing business to throw your hat in the ring, so to speak!



Expose Your Self

Expose cover:medium

  For two years now I've been working on a music project about to be release to you, the public. It has been the most professionally and personally thrilling and challenging periods in my life. Thrilling because I have begun to create new music at a level that I, as an artist, felt capable of, but until recently didn't have the tools at hand to bring my muse to life.

  Many of the "miracles" that have been absolutely imperative to create this perfect storm of happenstance fell into my lap at the moment I needed them most. A laptop computer, my drummer I hadn't seen for 25+ years, a musically gifted teenaged keyboardist who happens to be my son, a monster bassist, a buttery percussionist, a cellist whose real mission is to make others aware of alternative energy sources and has brought me closer to my first childhood dream of being a symphony conductor, a generous friend who by trade is an audio engineer helped me to ramp up the quality of the work and lifetime songwriter that finds it hard to refuse the muse and a need and dream to fulfill no matter the threat of material poverty or financial ruin. My driving spirit(this includes my close circle and people I owe money to) has screamed and caressed me to "keep going Garrick". Keep going...  


Letting Go Of Control, Because We're Not In...

  It is weird, awesome and thrilling that what came after purchasing a Macbook computer because a long term relationship had come to an end (I needed my own when I found and moved into my own apartment) served to solidify self-belief when the walls of my previous existence was being torn down. Challenging because it is in this period of time that I have had to navigate around personal and societal obligations such as bills, parenting, relationships, etc.. It is in this period that I learned so much about what I truly felt about life: Change is a constant, Love is our greatest force, Cherish family, Truth requires courage, Life is short, True friendship requires nurturing and finally, to be capable of being and giving one's best to family and society, We must love ourselves, without conditions!


Expose Your Self = To be who you are because your 'truest self' is what nature, god or the universe intended you to use for survival and for the greater good(i.e. instinct). This assumes, of course, that nature is perfect... 


Believe To Achieve/F**k Fear

It is of these philosophies that I have found strength and the vision to ''walk the walk'', knowing and believing that my example is not born of pure ego in a "look at me, I'm here!" attitude. In all sincerity, my choice to wear blinders while my previous financial infrastructure of guitar instruction was falling by the wayside has happened because, as I see it, I can be a more effective member of society and be of assistance to my family, band members and loved ones in the long term as an artist that can possibly lift others through music than I was in my 21 years of lifting groceries on to shelves in the middle of the night.


Fear has had its hold on me. I think fear is one of the most universally heinous, destructive emotional forces we as humans must overcome to thrive. Fear held me back before I told it to fuck off! An amazing thing happened. Fear is chicken shit. Love kicked its ass! Love has helped me to believe that I can add beauty and vital music to a world that can always use more. When you hear the album you will hear the sustained word "LOVE" on two different tracks. This is my way of warding off the bogeyman! HaHa!


The members of The Fabulous FunkyBand, as a whole and I have in common the inner belief that music is a universal language we are privileged to communicate with and we have dedicated our lives to this entity that enhances lives and human existence. Music, the way we make it, is all about love!


Who Will Eat This Bread?

I am looking for people that are interested in what I have to offer by way of music and/or education of such. I'm not looking for the people to support me, as in the case of welfare or unemployment. I work very hard at this complex career. I play very hard at this music I make. I seek fans of music that will support my artistic expression because it resonates with them, thus enabling my business to grow! Simple, don't you think?


"Music For Your Life...Now!"

  What is necessary at this stage is to express that it is understandable that the music of one's youth is the music a fan will believe in for life in many cases. This is more typical in the U.S., possibly because we are overall a conservative country, given our views on sexuality and other matters. this doesn't leave much room for new stuff. This screws me and others who have it even tougher than the musical heroes that have inspired us. But maybe there's hope anyway.   


  I grew up listening to rock music in it's greatest era. The 60's and 70's. Jimi Hendrix was still alive, The Beatles were still together, Led Zeppelin was just starting out, The Who, Sly, James Brown, The Temptations. So many more! That I took up guitar was no accident. The instrument has been a vehicle of personal peace and triumph since the moment I began playing at age 12. For some reason I just went the route of wanting to make my own music. I've never lost that lifetime direction.


  If the guitar-based rock music I grew up listening to has a common theme, even in it's diversity of artistic delivery it would be this: Music has the power to change the world! But what about now? When business interests took over and decided what you were hearing on the radio, and therefore who was to be a superstar were you not suspicious? I wasn't because I was unaware of this element.


Instead of trying to be like everyone else, I just kept pumping out my own work because I believed in its potency. I felt that if someone actually heard it, my music would improve their day or moment or outlook. I still do. I have been fortunate in my ability to still make music. What's better is that I feel this is what has been intended for me all along if you believe like I do, in destiny.


Pure Intentions, Follow Through


I've never held back from trying to share my best. I ask that you as a music lover, or lover of art consider what I do as legitimate straight from the heart music with a message delivered with passion and expertise culminating from nearly forty years of dedication. If you feel the best years of your lives are over then go ahead and pack it in!


I am one that feels that I am creating music for You. Just listen to it. You, my current or potential fan can support my efforts through staying in touch with my latest and soon to be greatest as they are completed and released.  My work standards are high because this is what my musical influences laid the groundwork for and is what the evolutionary force of nature has intended. I am but a deliverer of a uniquely potent but vital message. 


I sing of love, hope and inspiration. What matters more to our ability to thrive and reach beyond survival? If there is more let me know and I'll share it in song!


Ciao e Amor,