Friday, June 25, 2010

GD:My Quixotic Quest...

Something has come to me that is accompanied by a bad smell! I am gambling with more than cards and dice. I am gambling with something I cannot touch, or see in terms of reality. What have I done?...what would it be like to shelve this quixotic quest to try to make a difference in the world through my music?
As the possibility that no one really cares enough about my artistic output, my person or seeing me parade around a stage I've always wanted to play with a great band that includes my own son courses through my veins leaving my name and credit score in deeper debt that I have no means to dig myself out of, here I stand again at a crossroads where I could pick up my scarce ownership of toys and run to a tunnel where neither my creditors, the IRS, my ex or anyone else I may owe some amount of money to will try to find me...ugh! Sometimes I think it's too bad I didn't develop software or learn to handle other people's money...I did stock shelves on the graveyard shift for many years and by day continue what truly moved my heart: make music!

Then, of course, true to nature I think of who I can call, email or text. Who might be interested in coming to a spectacle of musicians that believe in their destiny as I do? Though not as big a spectacle as major television networks present to multitudes in the form of men and women half my age who have dreamed their 'whole life' to live a dream. If I could coax one small section of baseball fans at AT&T Park to come to The Great American Music Hall I will let them know that just by attending EVERYONE WINS! Fancy that!!

Is the ridiculous churning of my stomach caused by questioning my hope in and expectations of those who have patted me on the back and cheered me on my way to fighting windmills which represent the 'olden days', when music and the musicians really mattered to those back-patters who 'really felt' the magic they would rather keep spinning in their memories than make new ones they still have the opportunity to create? The 70's are dead! Long live the 70's!!

Something good has to come of all of this. Something that might give me an island to stand on...I didn't say 'rest on'...but of course that would be nice too! There have to be 60 people that will still believe in the magic created when a large room of people cheer a stage full of highly skilled musicians on to greater heights than 'said' musicians would scale if playing to an empty hall! Neil Young playing 3 sold out nights in Oakland vs. Unknown knights donning guitars, etc. in SF, for a fraction of the price for the Neil tickets, says something for coming up in the 'olden days'... I didn't play Woodstock, I was inspired by Woodstock, especially how the music brought people together. Conservatism is the moss of baby-boomers! "I remember when..." is something that used to make one's eyes roll up into the back of your head as soon as the words rolled off of grandpa's tongue.

I ask for a chance to capture a bit of your imagination. To show you why I believe you will believe in The Fabulous Funkyband...before I flame out and come to my senses! Come to The Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, Friday, July 9th with some friends you bought tickets from ME for at only $15 a pop! If you carpool the parking fees are cheaper and the music once again brings people together! Yay!

This performance, 14 days from now, is NOT a MONSTER to slay! It will be a night of fun, music and a reason for me to keep my toys out to share with you until my final days...I hope!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

GD/The Fabulous FunkyBand at The Great American Music Hall

I've gone and done it now! In a quest to rile up the masses and keep hope and faith alive I've gone and set up a gig with The Fabulous FunkyBand at The Great American Music Hall. This, however, is not just any gig and requires we bring a semi large group of people in or it becomes what those of us in the music industry abhor: Pay To Play...ugh!

Here's the obese skinny: You are on this email list because you like the music I write, the way I perform, etc.. Perhaps you have seen me perform solo and liked what you saw enough to want to stay informed about my progressing career. Many of you have seen me perform with The Fabulous FunkyBand over the years and love to support this band. Maybe you have purchased the first two releases "Glass Half Full" and "The Show"(maybe some of you were even at that performance in 2005!).

Over the past 3 years I have gone through a massive personal evolution. I've learned some things about what really matters and how much I want to be a positive influence in our society. The downturn of the economy among other things decimated my guitar teaching business and I suppose the 'universe' was saying to me 'the time is now'! Nothing but the creation of music has ever come easy to me and even that is something I have worked hard at because I believe this is what my true mission is: To inspire positive action, thought and peace through the beauty and power of music! I don't believe I was gifted musically for reasons of self-torture! It is my most worthy goal to be involved with people and perhaps through 'action' people will want to be involved with me as many in my intimate circle are. I'm looking to expand this 'circle'!

Note: I do not proclaim my self to be some kind of hero, brave soul, etc.. I've made mistakes, not lived up to expectations I've even expected of myself. A combination of fears and previously not listening to my my own heart had slowed my progress. The greatest fear we all share is that no one will care so why put yourself out on a limb. See the "Expose Reprise" video. We have become disengaged for so many reasons and it is my 'product' that calls for engagement or it's dead! Luckily I'm still here with more gusto and spirit for having come to know these truths which are what inspired much of the new album "Expose Your Self". The value of love. The value that each and every one of us carries if we believe we do! We Should.

The "Expose Your Self" project which I produced, engineered and brought to reality would not have been worth the 2 1/2 years of day and night focus without the brilliant performances of Grant Slam(drummer), AJ(bass), Julia Harrell(percussion), Cello Joe(cello), my parents Ernie(percussion) and Marie(vocals), DeBraun Thomas(guitar, laughter, wailing) and finally my own son Zach on piano, synth, organ vocals and whatever else he made himself available for! Of course I spent many, many hours alone in front of my computer screen on headphones, listening, adjusting, researching over and over again! I wrote lyrics, changed lyrics. Take after take on guitar, vocals, harmonica...most of it in solitude but with the energy-driving belief that these songs, which had miraculously marched in to my head one by one, will make a difference in the lives of those who hear them receive them as a 'soul exchange' of sorts.

The album is finished, mastered. I have tried and will continue to try to make the music available to you so that you will want to support my abilities I humbly possess and nurture.

My question to you is "how can I create value in my music for You"? You are in charge! I need your support to keep things going. I don't have corporate backing yet so I reach out to you. How can we connect? You have to get to know the music or even care to! Maybe someday I'll write about the 'dirty lowdown' which is actually quite juicy!

But maybe for now it is the LIVE SHOWS which will HELP US CONNECT! PLEASE PURCHASE TICKETS to this show at THE GREAT AMERICAN MUSIC HALL where THE FABULOUS FUNKYBAND, Grant, AJ and my son Zach and I will LEAVE NO QUESTION AS TO THE ABILITY OF MUSIC AND SELF-BELIEF TO CHANGE LIFE FOR THE BETTER!!!! Not just financially speaking but also as an example to have FAITH in BRINGING YOUR BEST to a SOCIETY the NEEDS IT!

I begin touring! Touring solo(initially) around the U.S. and internationally in hopes of bringing my lifelong quest to fruition...To inspire positive action, thought and peace through the beauty and power of music! I start with my intimate circle and hope you will be a part of it's expansion!